Baka na Imouto – Episode 4

story: Baka na Imouto Hentai Haven
Yuichi Mitsui, an ordinary university student. He is currently living alone to attend college.
She isn’t there … or rather, my sister’s super love ♪
Therefore, he chose a university far from his parents’ house because he wanted to get rid of his younger sister, saying, «If nothing is done, it will be a forbidden act.»

However, one day during the summer vacation, Yuichi’s beloved sister visits.

The younger sister, who I saw for the first time in two years, wore a plump bust, a constricted waist, and a tight buttocks while maintaining her loveliness.
Hana, a younger sister with this strongest visual. But she had one drawback.

The only downside is that it’s … a ridiculous idiot.
If you walk 3 steps, you will forget all the things you learned, you can hardly read kanji, and you cannot operate the remote control with 3 or more switches.
Yuichi decides to follow the thorny path in order to raise his younger sister, Baika, whose social life is dangerous, into a fine adult.

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